This is ROCK FULGURITE found in Martinsville, Indiana. Please note that this is different from SAND FULGURITE found on beaches in Florida and in the desert. It was found by accident on May 4, 2002. My youngest son's motorcycle foot peg hit the ground, exposing as he described this "really weird rock" in the woods beside our house.

Unable to identify what we had stumbled on, we took some of it to Dr. Nelson Shaffer, head of Indiana University Geological Survey, who confirmed that it was ROCK FULGURITE, a rarely occurring phenomenom.

After careful evaluation, Dr. Swopes, Indiana University-Purdue University, also comfirmed it as ROCK FULGURITE.

In a May 17, 2002, e-mail Dr. Vladimir Rakov, University of Florida, Gainsville, said after viewing the photos that it was a "rather unusual" and "very interesting find".

We were put in contact with Peter Megaw, Exhibits Chair of the Tuscan Gem and Mineral Show. He extended to us an invitation to attend the 2003 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and have our entire collection of ROCK FULGURITE put on prominent display. Unfortunately, due to work schedules, we were unable to attend.

We have placed several pieces of our ROCK FULGURITE collection with the following:

Indiana University, Geological Survey
Indiana University-Purdue University, Geological Survey
University of Indianapolis
Indiana State Museum

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Click here to see a photo gallery of our rock fulgurite find!




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